Ugandans and Friends Community in Belgium (UFCB) releases a Statement Condemning the suspension of Ugandan Chamber of Commerce Elections.

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In a statement released by the Executives in Brussels signed by President Mr. Atine John Bosco. The association noted that the Government of Uganda was indirectly interfering in the chamber elections,

Atine J.B
Mr. Atine John Bosco, President UFCB

“we understand that the move to suspend these elections was intended to stop the election of a popular candidate that was favored by many due to his achievements in this sector. 

Andrew Rugasira is an independent minded citizen with a clear record and this poses a threat to political leaders who want to abuse institutions like these to their own political and financial benefit.

The Uganda Community in Belgium strongly disagrees with political interference in such institutions that foster development in Uganda and will continue to back such people of independent minds like Andrew Rugasira in liberating the nation.

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