Uganda Police Profiting from Dr. Kizza Besigye Arrests

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Am I the only one who finds Dr.Kizza Besigye battles more of comedy show these days? They have become so common that we can easily predict the next battle. (Next week another one)

What happened to Makerere Fundraising I want to send some Euros to that effect!

Police has become the sole beneficiary in these battles, as tax payers money continues to be wasted on projects like these that add no value to our people.

Besigye’s movements have no impact on the politics of Uganda today, the only way Museveni will leave power will be through the GUN and NATURAL DEATH, let him rule with his iron hand, and government should let Besigye move freely and concentrate on giving Ugandans services they deserve.

Uganda now spends 5 million a day on ensuring Besigye is not moving around freely. Why???

Museveni, why do this to our country? Besigye why don’t you tint your vehicle and only attend weddings and burials after all Kayihura seems to have no problem with you attending such events but Kayihura what part of the law don’t you understand really.

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