NBS’s Brenda Nakidde harassing another woman Over a man

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NBS head of marketing Brenda Nakidde fb names Brenda Bulamu has been sending disturbing and harassing messages to a humble mother of three, Brenda has been sharing another mother’s man for a while as she adds his income to her NBS salary. Trouble started when the straight forward gentleman refused to give up the mother of three to join Brenda for more nights and insisted he would be going home and only see her during the day.

Brenda gets Greedy

Brenda Started calling him during the night to make sure the baby mama at home finds out about their relationship, indeed she found out that the two were having a relationship that involved enjoying sex together, this was after the guy decided to switch off his phone every time he entered his house. The Hard rock Brenda then decided to call the baby mama and demand to speak to “their” man, on refusal she then started to send harassing messages, the way things stand Brenda has been officially dumped.

WhatsApp Messages “Tell ur womanizer of a man dat he forgot he’s wallet hia trying to apologize…. But I love his dick wabula!”

Aren’t u ashamed to keep in a man’s house dat has never even paid ur bride price…u even give him kids hahahahaha I refer u to do Mbuga who dumped a mother if he’s kids n married another woman…watch da space” writes Brenda

“even if u go to state house or come to NBS u will not change the fact that am sleeping with your man, tell him to send me money for aborting his bustard”

This website contacted Brenda via Facebook to notify her of this story plus give her a chance to share her version of events, we tried to get them to settle out of the media after plea not to publish the story but she put no effort in apologizing to the lady or even sorting out their differences leaving this website no option but to give the Baby mama the opportunity for public opinion.

Opinion: why would you attack the other woman?

Men cheat but if you realize that you are not number one then sort out your issues with him than attacking the other party, it should come out of respect that ladies understand how it feels to realize your man is cheating and it’s worse if that “bitch” attacks you and try to make your already bad life worse.

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