Kanyamunyu Murder Case takes another twist to its worst.

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Reliable information has come to light of what transpired before and after the murder of youthful Akena by Kanyamunyu in the presence of his Girlfriend.

There was car accident at Legends, as late Akena tried to negotiate is way out of this mess and agreed to pay Kanyamunyu, the two parties then agreed that Akena moves to the nearest ATM Machine to withdraw cash to pay Kanyamunyu for the small damage on his car, it’s not clear how much was agreed but it was in the region of 300,000 UGX. Akena then drove off to Game Stores to access funds from his account unfortunately between 12:30 and 7:30 ATMs in Kampala  are under system maintenance and in most cases they are not accessible, bad luck for Akena the ATMs wasn’t working he then returned back to Kanyamunyu’s and explained his predicament, he then pleaded to be allowed to try another location and Kanyamunyu partially agreed but when Akena entered his car he drove in the direction that was never agreed upon, Kanyamunyu then lost his cool and increased speed to cut him off at the Logogo UMA Turn (location in picture). On realizing this Akena innocently moved out of his car and walked towards Kanyamunyu to explain that he was proceeding to town to get money and expected them to be following him behind.

Kanyamunyu replied that he could not allow himself to be fooled, he removed his gun and shot Akena, Kanyamunyu had no intentions of saving Akena but didn’t want to leave him behind because he was still breathing and somehow the victim could call police or receive help. He then decided to carry the wounded victim in his car, Kanyamunyu made three telephone calls, first to Joseph Kanyamunyu his brother who joined him, Police Officer ASP Asingwire Nickson and finally Andrew Mwenda, both the police officer and Andrew have not been held for conspiracy or failing to report a crime.

According to a source they waited for Akena’s condition to worsen so that they would give him no chance of recovery, this explains why they never moved the victim to hospitals around which are within 30 minutes (Naguru, Nsambya, Kibuli, Mulago, Paragon, Kadic, IHK, Case, Nakasero, including a Mbuya military hospital which can effectively handle such cases.) all these hospitals are within 30 minutes from the scene of crime but it took 5 hours for the victim to access medical attention, that becomes criminal negligence, furthermore they didn’t attempt to call emergency services or even police that is just 0.5 kilometers away from the scene of crime.

Kanyamunyu has been sent back to Luzira to spend his Christmas and New Year’s days, MPs from Northern Uganda have promised to pay the killer a visit anytime during the holiday season to ensure that these bad hearted individuals are sleeping in coolers not in an apartment around Luzira. 

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