Can Winnie Byanyima be the next Ugandan President?

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Recently Hon. Winnie Byanyima announced her readiness for the highest Office in Uganda, I don’t doubt her ability to lead the nation, I only doubt that she was saying what she intended to say at that time, even the current president took that statement as a joke.

In terms of ability to run a government Hon. Winnie Byanyima can be good candidate for the job but there are factors that put her candidature in a confusing situation.

Byanyima has revealed good leadership skills both at national and international level but I don’t see Museveni letting her anywhere near the seat, to allow Byanyima become president is equal to accepting defeat by Dr. Kizza Besigye, am not sure Museveni and his NRA turned UPDF can allow someone from this family run State House especially when his son Gen Muhoozi has such power in the Army.

The UPDF force is not designed  to protect Ugandans but to maintain the current political status quo, in past elections we have seen and heard high ranking army personnel including the army commanders Nakirima (late) and Gen. Katumba Wamala come out to make big threatening statements that seem to support of the current regime, we have seen soldiers welding heavy machine guns during and after elections, in villages soldiers are seen at polling stations interfering with voting in the pretext of maintaining peace.

Leadership in Uganda cannot change hands through the ballot paper as long as Museveni is alive, the closest Uganda will get is a power sharing agreement or a military coup. Museveni has committed very many crimes that make him vulnerable to prosecution if he hands over power, the Mutukula and Kasese Massacres, the Northern Uganda crisis that left many dead, plus his involvement in Luwero, the Congo crisis and many others. Cases never come to light when a leader is still in power but the day he retires is when people rise up to seek justice, Winnie Byanyima and Dr. Kizza Besigye are seen as leaders that can facilitate Museveni persecution.

Byanyima may be a good leader but is too weak to dethrone Museveni even with the support of her husband Dr. Kizza Besigye, she can even struggle to get the backing of FDC.

Byanyima’s only chance would be if Museveni decides to let his Ugandan Marie Antoinette (Janet Museveni) to run for the highest office.

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