About me

Born and raised in Uganda, I grew up in a humble decent family, African life can be rigid right from childhood with opinions suppressed at all levels of development, the situation gets worse as we grow up with everyone expecting us to do what excites them but not what we believe is right.

Our mentalities are set to reject personal opinions (“the boss is always right”, “never respond to what your parents say.”) the moment I turned 18 year I made a resolution to go against all that was told to do by those that were influenced by backwardness, I decided to put my life first and my opinions at the forefront, we can’t wait for other people to think for us or to add value to our lives.

This blog shares my opinions on Current Events, Human Rights, Relationships, National and International Headlines, Politics, Foreign Affairs and living in the Diaspora. It’s a free world we live in now and our opinions are starting to make sense, soon we will be changing lives.

I have inspired many people out of slavery in the Middle East, my dream is to see Ugandans allowed to express themselves freely without the fear of being persecuted by any authority.


Seruga Titus